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Return policy


1.The Purchaser understands that certain parameters or shades of the product may differ from the actual ones due to the characteristics of the Purchaser’s monitor; therefore, the Seller shall not be liable for it.

2. In accordance with Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to withdraw the contract if the quality products purchased were manufactured in accordance with the Purchaser’s special instructions or are manifestly customised for the particular Purchaser (consumer).

3. By virtue of the Directive and paragraph 2 hereof, the ordered products shall be manufactured in accordance with the Purchaser’s special instructions; therefore, the ordered product may only be returned on the grounds of defects, incompliance with the order instructions or damage that occurred during the transportation.

4. When the wrong and/or defective product received is returned, the Seller shall be obliged to accept such products (the Purchaser shall deliver them to the Seller’s place of business) and replace them with appropriate analogous products. Should the Seller have no analogous products, it shall repay the money paid for the products.

5. The money for the returned products shall in all cases be transferred only to the payer’s account.

6. A 14-day term shall apply for returning the products.